Hey there...

Mehdi Tihani here with my partners Fergal Downes and Manny Hanif.

What I'm about to share with you today has the potential to change your life...

It certainly DID for Manny...

I couldn't believe my eyes when he showed me how much he was making from automated, passive traffic each month.

After years of frustration and trial & error, Manny realized that there's ONE THING you need if you ever want to make a consistently, monthly passive income online...


When it comes to traffic, the most important thing is being able to PROFIT off the traffic you're generating.

Manny's strategy is truly mind-boggling... he makes money from passive traffic WITHOUT spending a penny of his own money!

Think about that for a second...

And let's face it: if you can control your traffic, you control your income online.

This method we're sharing with you today takes only 45 minutes to setup, and can bring in THOUSANDS per month directly to your PayPal account...

Here's the Truth: Passive, Automated Traffic WITHOUT Spending Your Own Money is the Best Way to Make Money Online in 2018...

THE GOOD NEWS: Our "Dojo" system requires ONLY 3 steps...


Follow our step-by-step training to create your first $1,000+ per month "Passive Traffic Machine" in 45 minutes or less. (ZERO risk to you)



Check Out Some of our RECENT Results Using the "Profit Dojo" Traffic System:

Proof updated as of July 2018

BRAND NEW case study course showing Manny's Ninja "Dojo" method to making $1,425.90+ per month (no upfront risk or costs)
The new solution to highly targeted PASSIVE & AUTOMATED traffic without needing to pay for traffic from your own pocket
Step-by-Step video series with real case studies made super easy to follow
Even teaches the right way to monetize the traffic and make money
No longer will you be a prisoner to slow SEO traffic or outdated expensive paid traffic methods!
Works for ANYONE... newbies, intermediate or expert marketers.
Don't have a product to sell or business to promote? No problem! This method can still make you money!
Seriously - There's NEVER Been a Better Way to Make Money Every Month from Passive Traffic Machines in Just 45 Minutes of "Setting Up"... With ZERO Upfront Risk!

- No more feeling trapped by slow SEO traffic or RISKY paid traffic... (zero upfront cost from your pocket)

- No more feeling like you don't know how to set up easy, passive profit streams...

- No more feeling like you need a different traffic strategy for each niche... (this works in ALL niches!)

- No more falling victim to another scammy product...

- No more dodgy methods that don't show each step in detail...

- No more slaving hours each day hoping to make SOMETHING work... (only 45 minutes to set up)

- No more chasing the "golden goose" that you never catch... like putting all your eggs in one basket

Your Days of Failing Online are Officially Over!

This method does NOT involve:

X Waiting Years to Rank with SEO

X Risking Your Own Money on Expensive Ads (no upfront risk)

X Building an Email List and Praying They Buy

X Finding Products to Promote (you DON'T need your own product)

X Tedious Blogging or Product Creation (too time consuming)

X Unproven Theory (tons of proof EVERY month!)

X Being a Good Writer or Salesperson

X Any Tech Skills (ANYONE can do this!)

X Something You've Already Heard of... (100% BRAND NEW!)

This is something NEW! Nobody is teaching this unique way to make money online...

Profit Dojo is So Easy That Your Typical Average Person Can Make This Work!

Here's What You're Getting Today:

"Profit Dojo" Passive Traffic Step-by-Step System (VALUE $127)

PLUS You'll Also Get These EXCLUSIVE BONUSES for Fast Action-Takers...

BONUS #1: Penny Likes Academy

(VALUE $297)

Organic traffic is more alive than ever, but you just have to get creative! As an added bonus when you grab Profit Dojo today, you’ll receive Manny’s paid course that teaches you how to grow MASSIVE Facebook pages for pennies from Tier 1 countries (US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand)

BONUS #3: InstaCash System

(VALUE $97)

BONUS #5: Tidalwave Traffic

(VALUE $97)

All That You're Getting Today is

EASILY Worth Hundreds of Dollars!

14-Day "No-Questions Asked" Money-Back Guarantee

Plus you're covered by our 14-Day "No-Questions Asked" Money-Back Guarantee.

Try out Profit Dojo. If for whatever reason you feel it's not for you, then just let us know and we'll refund your money. That's how confident we are in what we teach.

You've seen all the proof...

Profit Dojo just plain WORKS!

After the launch discount period, the price goes up to $27

(Do you want to pay that much? Or...)

Grab Your Copy Today for ONLY:

Rooting for you,

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any tech skills or prior experience to make this work?

Not at all. All you need is a computer or laptop with internet connection to watch our training and start seeing results!

When can I expect to see results?

It differs for each person. The quicker you implement my steps, the faster you reap the rewards. It really depends on how much you want this to work for you.

How can Profit Dojo benefit me?

Well, do you like making money using a proven system that only takes 45 minutes to set up? Yep, so do we! We understand that you don't have all the time in the world to make create a sustainable living online and we truly think this is the best way to help you earn PASSIVE commissions directly in your PayPal every single month.

Will this work in ANY niche and/or business?

Absolutely. Whether you're in the natural health niche or the dog training niche or even an offline business, this will 100% work for you assuming you follow our exact steps. Period.

Will this method get oversaturated?

Never - because the internet is so vast that there's more than enough traffic to be had and with all the niches out there, saturation will never be an issue.

Are there any One-Time Offers or Upsells after I order?

Yes - currently we are offering a few of our upgrade packages at an amazing discount. Having said that, these are optional and will not prevent you from making this work. But we do recommend you taking advantage of them because they are of such great value.

What if I have any other questions?

This rarely happens because of how "in-depth" my training is, BUT we are willing to answer any questions you have with our support email exclusive for members of the program.


Upon purchasing Profit Dojo, you will be added to the marketing email newsletters of Manny Hanif, Fergal Downes and Mehdi Tihani. This will include content updates and promotional material. You may unsubscribe at any time in compliance with CAN-SPAM policies.

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Once You Get it Started, the Money Just Keeps on Keeping in Month after Month...

This works in virtually ANY niche or business you're in!

Oh... and did we mention that we do NOT pay for any traffic from our own pocket with this method???

Now... Are YOU Ready To Get these Kinds of Results?

Mehdi Tihani, Fergal Downes & Manny Hanif

Click to Play Video: Watch this Short Video for Results and Quick Overview!

BONUS #2: 4-Hour $1M+ Ecom Training

(VALUE $497)

It's rare to get access to a 4-hour live training from a verified 7-figure marketer, and that's exactly what you're getting with this bonus. This was a PAID webinar, but you'll get it 100% free today.

Tons of golden nuggets that will teach you how to scale and monetize all the traffic you'll be getting from the Profit Dojo system.

Does FREE traffic still exist? You bet it does. As a Profit Dojo member, you'll get Mehdi's InstaCash System he's used to make sales from Instagram using 100% FREE traffic.

This is something NOBODY is teaching or doing on Instagram, and it still works to this day. A priceless bonus for a creative way to monetize the targeted traffic you'll be getting.

BONUS #4: FB Groups Secrets

(VALUE $127)

Want to add another revenue stream in your business? If you are not using Facebook groups to grow your business and get free traffic, then you are leaving a LOT of money on the table.

Learn how to 10x your group and monetize it using Manny’s exclusive step-by-step system.

Tidalwave Traffic will help you see how to get penny traffic in any niche and collect as many as 480+ leads a day in the process.

Perfect for fast traffic to anything you need!

NO MORE waiting years for Google to bring you a trickle of traffic...

NO MORE risking your own money on expensive traffic strategies...

With ONLY 45 Minutes of "Work"...

Why You Will LOVE Profit Dojo:

And Then a Few Days Later, I Made Even

MORE Money...

Want to Make Even More Money?

Simply Create More "Dojo" Passive Traffic Campaigns That Generates Autopilot Income for You Every Month...

The way this method works is whenever you want traffic, you set up a simple "passive traffic machine".

These "traffic machines" cost you NO MONEY out of your own pocket.

Each "machine" will bring in payments to your PayPal account... anywhere from $499 to $5,000+ every single month for you, just like this...


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