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Suppose you run a Teespring campaign for a T-shirt targeted to people who love both baseball and beer. Social Interest Freak allows you to unlock Facebook's audience intersection technology so you can get a precise audience of people who like both baseball and beer. This will result in higher CTR and ROI because the audience is so targeted.
And you don't have to stop there! Take it one step further by excluding certain people that you know who will not respond well to your ad. Here is an example taken from a customer who wrote in to our support desk -

Hey Marketers All Around the World,

It's Ali G. here, your software guy from NYC bringing you 'once again' the Latest Solution to Effectively market on everyone's favorite Social Network.

Ever since I happily 'resigned' from the Wall Street & Finance world I was once part of... My main objective was to help the Average Joe & Jane, Small Business Owners and Budding Entrepreneurs all over the world prosper, reach their goals, dreams and everything else in between... as I find that MUCH more rewarding..! =)

So without further delay, I am proud to announce my newest software tool that will let you...

Join the Upper Echelon of FB Advertisers at a Tiny Fraction of the Cost

Before Social Interest Freak, Intersection and Exclusion Targeting Were Only Available to High End Advertisers and Select FB Marketing Partners
For the longest time, these advanced targeting options were just a dream for the average joe. Take a look at this post from someone on the Warrior Forum:

Well dream no more, guys and gals - Social Interest Freak is the dream that has become reality. The playing field is now level and you can even beat the big boys at their own game! 

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But intersection and exclusion targeting are just the beginning. Social Interest Freak also unlocks even more advanced targeting options to really drill down your audience - see for yourself:
Behaviors, Demographics and Advanced Targets

Powerful behaviors including people who've made a purchase in the past
Demographics including education level, school, job title, employer
Advanced targets will blow you away - imagine targeting household income above $1 million for your high ticket items

Get Your Estimated Audience Size in REAL TIME

Extremely handy way to get a rough idea of your target audience size
Works with any combination of interests, behaviors, demographics and advanced options
BURST MODE For Your FB Ad Campaigns

This has never before been possible. With burst mode, you can instantly get your ads data, without having to wait 24 hours for it.
Burst Mode can be turned on with one click. This mode is ideal for reaching more people as quickly as possible within a target audience, such as during a live event e.g. product launches.Grab a Copy Click Here


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