Long story short: As a marketer who focuses on selling affiliate products, primarily via effective video marketing, I'm always looking on ways to speed things up.  The building blocks of a successful video marketing campaign to generate income WITHOUT buying traffic!
BUT It Quickly Becomes Obvious That There Is A LOT Of Work Involved! 

Niche Research
Product Research
Keyword Research
Script Writing
Video/Audio Creation and Editing
Competition Research
Video Optimization and SEO
Even with all the cool tools at our disposal I know that to create quality content and get that cool video in front of people happy to buy a product it takes time to do it right. Is that something you've discovered too?

Outsourcing it is a 'Hit & Run' affair at best so I accept the inevitable - every video I research and create takes me a big chunk of time. But I'm OK with that as I enjoy the process! 

As, once the work is done, those videos become permanent online assets, generating income every day... THEN IT HIT ME!...


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