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If you are interested in making more income from selling website design, with less effort, this will be the 
most important message you'll read all year. Yes, I'm serious.

A friend online recently asked me a question...

He was a frustrated with his progress trying to sell ebooks online. He had invested a lot of time and effort 
and even worked a with supposed 'coach' but still was not making anything.

So he asked me questions about how he could do better, what mistakes was he making etc.

I get asked this question often, by friends and even strangers...

All of a sudden, I just told him the ugly truth...

something that instantly transformed the conversation…

“Selling ebooks is a hard way to make money, no matter what you do"..

"I mean, it can serve as a sideline, like I do, but its too little cash per book and you need LOTS of sales!"

Then I hit him with this truth:

The easiest way to make money online is to sell new websites or 
remodel existing websites...Believe me, there are
millions of customers."
"So forget $10 ebooks, My average sale is $1500 +"

"It doesnt take many website site deals to make a nice living!"

Does that make sense, I asked? He practically shouted at me,

"Yeh!, but what about all the negatives?"

Then he quoted the 6 Biggest MYTHS In WebDesign:

Myth 1. "You Need Design Talent"

Only if you expect to do everything yourself, which is also the best way to lose money.

Myth 2. "You need expensive software"

Again, its nice but completely unnecessary.

Myth 3. "You need Corporate Clients"

If you want fast money and less decision makers you can skip corporate clients.

Myth Myth 4. "You need a Big Portfolio"

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Only if you want to take months "getting ready"

Myth 5. "You need a starting Bankroll"

It takes only a little and thats optional

Myth 6. "You need experience"

Lots of successes had no experience at all.

Myth 7. "You Need a Degree in Design"

No college needed...just desire and discipline.

Selling Website Design Is A Great Business! I know plenty of people who have made serious 
money JUST DOING WEBSITES- nothing else!...

In fact, my friend Bruce has made over $200,000 doing websites since he started. He even made
$11,000 on just one website!.

Another guy named Sean took it to another level and makes $20,000 for each site

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Sell Website Jobs Installed For You"
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