Here's how I got Mark to share this with us... 

I flew into Philadelphia and took him to an Eagles game. This was my way into learning exactly what secret affiliate marketing twist he was keeping all to himself.

He promoted some of my products as an affiliate and he absolutely crushed it. I just needed to know exactly what he was doing.

After many beers and a great game Mark and I we were walking through the parking lot, that's when he finally revealed to me his insider's secret.
It all started with Mark saying: "you know, most people are doing _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ wrong. No wonder they don't make much money doing affiliate marketing."

Mark then went on to to tell me that he had an awesome ‘Fast Cash’ method up his sleeve that he was personally using to stuff hundreds of dollars (most days thousands) per day into his pocket with just a few minutes of work.
(And Work Is The WRONG Word - What Mark’s Doing Is Nowhere Near What Most People Would Call Work… It’s Super Easy)


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