Have you ever wondered how and why some people are wildly successful online and the rest struggle? Well, the key is having the right mentor and the right software.  I feel fortunate enough to have found both in Cliff Carrigan and the "Beast" package.  The Beast package includes almost all of the software tools that Mr. Carrigan has created and that he has used to not only survive, but thrive online for the past 22 years. It also includes all of the software that he will create in the future. The internet is constantly envolving which makes it a moving target. What more could you ask for than to have one of the most successful pros in the business helping you to stay one step ahead of the masses and giving you the tools necessary to adapt to any changes. Oh, and by the way, did I mention that it comes with a screaming VPS to run the tools on so you can continue to work on your computer at home? There is nothing that I can think of that would better posture me for success than being, as we call ourselves, a Beast! You would be crazy not to join us.


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