It was very easy, I would just find an affiliate offer that was paying $30-$50 commission, do a little keyword research, create a small blog, SEO it and hit Google page one in a few days. That would bring in enough traffic to make a few sales a month and suddenly (and very easily) you had your first income stream. Then simply rinse and repeat.

Even better I could buy traffic very cheap. I bought solo ads at around $150 for 2000 clicks. And would make $750 in commissions – I didn't even build a list. I didn't need to!

But, the world of affiliate marketing was transformed by:

Google's Panda, Penguin and other search engine changes made SEO a LOT more difficult and affiliate marketers found their “thin affiliate” web pages penalized and crashing out of the rankings.
The raft of new automated keyword tools took away all the low hanging (easy to rank) fruit.
Traffic sellers and strong competition amongst internet marketers pushed the price of paid traffic through the roof.


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