First, Let Me Ask You a Question...
Do you feel like nothing is ever going to work for you?

Seriously, it's fine to be honest. I know the feeling, if you do feel that way. 

Have you ever been so freakin' stuck that your brain stopped working right? You just started scrambling... hopping from one "money-making" idea to the next, in rapid succession, like this...

"Okay, maybe I can place an ad on the Warrior Forum to write articles for people. No, that'll take too long to do and I'll get stuck with time-consuming obligations that don't pay enough. Not worth it. Maybe I should build a list. But where will I get traffic from? I don't have time to get free traffic. I don't have money to get paid traffic. Can I launch a product? Not without affiliates. And how long will it take me to create the damn thing?...

"PLR. I'll sell PLR. But to whom? It'll still take me too much time to write a sales letter to sell the PLR, and there are no guarantees that anyone would buy. Heck, maybe I should just beg for money. Let me Google 'online begging' and see if there's something fruitful. But grrr, that would kill my pride. Product reviews! I'll do product reviews. But..."

Ever go down like that for ya?

If not, you're lucky.

I haven't been so lucky. Nor have most people I know.

Seems like everything either takes too long to learn, is much too complicated, requires too much effort for too little of a guarantee, or the rewards themselves will take an eternity to be actualized.

It's maddening.


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