Like I mentioned earlier, Kal is a lorry truck driver. 
He spends long hours late into the night driving his truck for work. 
He doesn’t get much sleep. He’s overworked and undercompensated.
Sound familiar?
Just like everyone else, he got tired of all the same old, rehashed methods that are being peddled to everyone and their brother these days… 
One day, he stumbled upon the idea to combine e-com (selling physical products online) with getting free traffic from an online marketplace.
He set up a post and BOOM… made a sale.
Then he made another sale… 
And the sales kept coming!
The craziest thing was that he didn’t have to touch, ship or buy the products!
He knew he had something serious that he could turn into a real business.
Naturally, I had to convince him to let me share this method with the public...
(you can imagine he wasn’t thrilled with the idea of creating competition for himself).
However, I explained to him that there’s no such thing as “saturation” with this method -- because there’s enough money and buyers to go around for literally everyone. That’s why it’s a marketplace to begin with!
If it’s “Untapped” -- How Can I Make Money?
Good question. It’s NOT that the marketplace has no buyers or sellers… 
It’s quite the opposite actually. It has MILLIONS of buyers.
The “untapped” part is that most people are selling things on a LOCAL level, while you will be making sales and ‘drop-shipping’ the products to buyers.
That means you will:

   A) Never touch the product yourself

   B) Never ship the product yourself

   C) Never PAY for the product out-of-pocket!


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