Rival Keywords searches Google for ANY Keyword in ANY Niche to Uncover Terms that the Top 10 Ranking sites are being found for.

These are Terms that send Targeted TRAFFIC to the top 10 Ranking sites for YOUR Keyword and are Highly Related to YOUR Niche.

By Using Rival Keywords you will Discover Winning Keywords that your Competitors are already being found for and then be in a position to RANK for them yourself.

See What Other Marketers Are Saying...

Yet another breakthrough product by Abbas, designed to almost guarantee dominance over your search engine rivals.

On first sight, the tool seems simplicity in itself, but when you start digging in to all the power options, the results are far from simplistic.

What you are uncovering is an Aladdin's Cave of keyword gold, and when you realise what you are seeing, its truly priceless.

I hate keyword research like I hate root canal treatment. The thing is, when it gets this simple to get such powerful results, suddenly I don't mind that drilling after all.  

Tony Grant, Business & Internet Marketing professional.


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