We have to confess, "We've not always stuck to simple!" And, when we have moved away from what we know works, we have come unstuck....

It's probably to do with modern technology....  we think, "technology is so complex, so my business must be!"  Not true...

Simple Is Best!

And, you can't get more simple than a squeeze page...

That is one reason so many fail trying to build a business on-line....  it's very easy to over-complicate things.

Some are lucky and soon realise 'simple is better!'

But, even then, you have to be really careful you have the right business model. Think about it....

Probably the simplest business model, on-line, is good, old-fashioned affiliate marketing. Is that the best place to start?

Frankly, no....  if you are sending people straight to other people's offers, you better be really good at traffic generation!

Affiliate marketing is great....  we use it all the time, and teach it to our clients. But, you don't start there....

Does that surprise you?

That is why "The Money Is In The List!"

Step One - Build an email list....

Step Two - Market to that list of people (including affiliate offers).

See: simple! It has always worked and it will always work!

The only problem is: most people looking to build a business on-line, don't have a squeeze page and don't have anything to give away to their new subscribers.

We see this all the time....

...and, that is why we created our 'DFY List Building System.'

Now, you can cut through all the trial and error....  start with one (or more) of these 'proven' lead capture pages with a product already to go!

These 10 squeeze pages are completely my own (Richard's) design. No one is using pages like these (apart from one or two clients who paid $1,000 for me to set them up with one as the front-end to a complete funnel).

These 10 squeeze pages are hot....!

They look great, work great and convert great....

A marketing friend, with a much bigger list than me, split tested all these. They got up to 55% conversion rate! (There was a little variation, but they all converted really well).

Grab these now, while you have this chance for a massive 'head-start!'


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